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13.10.2006 - Cheikh Anta Diop: A Twenty Year Retrospective, l986-2006” The Cheikh Anta Diop Conference had three objectives: 1) introduction of the new discipline, 2) professional and collegial networking among students and faculty in Black Studies, and 3) advancement of disciplinary knowledge around the Afrocentric idea.

October 13-14, 2006
Holiday Inn Historic District
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sponsored by ANKH, A Scientific Institute

October 13, 2006
Registration 7:30 AM-5:00 PM
Drum Call at 8:30 AM

9:00 -10:00 AM
Opening Ceremony and Presentation of Program – Kemet Room

The Diopian Heritage Opening Session

Ana Yenenga Asante, Diop Conference Coordinator

Dr. Adisa Alkebulan, Conference Co-Convener, San Diego State University

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Conference Co-Convener, Temple University

10:00-11:15 AM

Panel 1: Revisions and Re-evaluations of Theories and Concepts
Chair: Aslaku Berhanu, Librarian, Blockson Center, Temple University
Professor Tyrene Wright, John Jay College
“Booker T. Washington’s Role in Africa: As Assessment of African Nationalism”

Dr. David Imhotep, Union Institute
“Egypt Predates Mesopotamia: Evidence and Argument”

Dr. Dolana Mogadime, Brock University, Canada
“Life History Studies: An African Canadian/Womanist Interpretation”

October 13, 2006

11:15 -11:45 AM
A Conversation about Afrocentricity: Where are we now?
Chair: Dr. Adisa Alkebulan, San Diego State University

Dr. Ama Mazama, Temple University
“The Afrocentric Paradigm: An Assessment”

11:45 AM - 1 PM
Lunch on your Own

1:00-2:30 PM

Panel 2: Writing the History of Hegemony and Resistance in Africology
Chair: Dr. Richard Cooper, Widener University
Andrea N. Belgrave, M.Phil Student, University of West Indies,
Cave Hill, Barbados
“Afro-Caribbean Cultural Re-colonization”

Michael Tillotson, Ph.D. Candidate, Temple University
“The Psychopathic Nature of Cecil John Rhodes: His Legacy of Domination and the Dangers of Dislocated Africans”

Dr. Vera Winmilawe Nobles, Institute for the Advanced Study of Black Family Life and Culture, Inc.
“To Be Human is to Have Language: Ebonics as Resistance to Hegemony”

Dr. Victor Okafor, Eastern Michigan University
“The Impact of Diopian Historiography on Contemporary African Political Studies”

2:30-3:00 PM
Special Presentation

Chair: Dr. Emeka Nwadiora, Temple University

Dr. George Sefa Dei, University of Toronto, Canada
“Race and Macro-Social Politics of Schooling: Toward an Afrocentric Reading”

3:00-3:45 PM
Keynote Presentation
Chair: Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Temple University

Dr. Patricia Reid-Merritt, Stockton State University
“Keys to Cultural Transformation: Applying Afrocentricity”
October 13, 2006

3:45–5:00 PM

Panel 3: African Philosophical Explorations in Culture
Chair: Dr. Esmeralda Thornhill, Dalhousie University, Canada
Dr. Khonsura A. Wilson, California State University Long Beach
“MAA-AKU-NEFERU (MAKUNEFERU): The Creative Ideal of Ancient Africa”

Dr. Charles Verharen, Howard University
“Afrocentricity and the Universalization of the University: Cuban and Africana Philosophy in Action”

Dr. Humphrey Regis, North Carolina A&T State University
“Africa and the United States as Major Reference Groups in Trinidad Popular Expression”

5:00-6:15 PM

Panel 4: Explorations into Theoretical and Methodological Applications
Chair: Dr. Doreen Loury, Arcadia University
Dr. Jennifer Jackson, University of Maryland, College Park
“Black College Students Versus Culturally Diverse Students: Afrocentric and Multicultural Perspectives”

Serie McDougal III, Ph.D. Candidate, Temple University
“Warrants for an Afrocentric Foreign Policy: Questions and Answers of Power and Resources in Africa”

Professor Ebele Oseye, Pace University
“Epistemological Principles as Lifelines in the Writings of Cheikh Anta Diop and Neil de Grasse Tyson”

Harriet Tubman by Millicent Sparks

6:30-7:15 PM
Keynote Presentation
Chair: Dr. Katherine Bankole, West Virginia University

Dr. Na’im Akbar, Florida State University
“Resurgent African Thought”

October 14, 2006

Drum Call at 8:30 AM

9:00-10:30 AM

Panel 1: Seizing the Time for Overcoming Hegemony
Chair: Dr. Diane Turner, Camden County College

Dr. Delridge Hunter, Medgar Evers College
“The Culture of Whiteness vs. Black Popular Culture: A Position of Theory”
Dr. Suzuko Morikawa, Chicago State University
“Conjunctions and Boundaries: Changing Global Perspectives of Africans Through the Dynamics of African and Asian Relationships”

Dr. Kofi KissiDompere, Howard University
“Polyrhythmicity: Foundations of African Philosophy”

Dr. Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon, Temple University
“The Importance of Culturally Relevant, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Reframing the Discourse and the Representations of African American Men in Black Theater”

10:30 -11:30 AM

Diopian Lecture

Chair: Professor M.K. Asante, Jr., Morgan State University

Dr. Daryl Zizwe Poe, Lincoln University
“Re-examining Key Mdw Ntr Terms and Concepts”

Dr. Troy Allen, Southern University
“Cheikh Anta Diop’s Two Cradle Theory: Revisited”

October 14, 2006

Awards Luncheon

Dedicated to Dr. Miriam Ma`at-Ka-Re Monges
February 1, 1950-February 11, 2006

11:45 AM-2:00 PM
Presiding: Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Temple University

ANKH Award for Exemplary Scholarship in African Studies
(Dr. Toyin Falola, University of Texas)
Presenter: Dr. Nzingha Gaffin, Cheyney University

ANKH Ann Ramsey Award for Intellectual Initiative and Academic Action
(Dr. Adisa Alkebulan, San Diego State University)
Presenter: Dr. Victor Okafor, Eastern Michigan University

ANKH Award for Best Scholarly Book
(Dr. Kofi Kissi Dompere, Howard University
For the book Polyrhythmicity: Foundations of African Philosophy)
Presenter: Dr. Willie Brown, Peirce College

Miriam Ma’at-Ka-Re Monges Award
(Tamieka Hunter, California State University, Long Beach)
Presented by Renee Albritton and Dr. Richard Cooper, Widener University

Featured Spoken Word Artist
Dr. Kimmika L. H. Williams-Witherspoon, Temple University

Luncheon Keynote Speaker

Wade Nobles, Ph.D., Nana Kwaku Berko I, aka, Ifagbemi Sangodare Bejana
Professor of Africana Studies, San Francisco State University, Executive Director, The Center for Advanced Study of Black Family Life and Culture

“African Resurgence: The Concept of Seeking the Sakhu”
October 14, 2006

2:00-3:15 PM

Panel 2: Scholarship in an Afrocentric Key: Interpretations and Explanations
Chair: Dr. Niyi Coker, E. Desmond Lee Professor, University of Missouri, St. Louis
Dr. Daryl Harris, Howard University
“Black Politics Here and Now: A Critical Analysis of Its Meaning and Purpose”

Dr. Kwame Botwe-Asamoah, University of Pittsburgh
“The Romanticization of the Asante Kingdom: A Critique”

Dr. Anthony Monteiro, Temple University
“Race, Time, and DuBoisian Episteme”

3:15-4:45 PM

Panel 3: African Resurgence in Literature and Culture
Chair: Dr. Daryl Zizwe Poe, Lincoln University
Dr. Michael Barnett, Florida International University
“The Rastafari Movement as an Afrocentric Spiritual Expression of Identity”

Dr. Nzingha Gaffin, Cheyney University
“Through the Eyes of African Novelists: A Re-conceptualization of Colonialism from East, West, and Southern Africa”

Dr. Salim Faraji, California State University, Dominguez Hills
Dr. Jahi Issa, Elizabeth City State University
“The Origin of the Word Amen”

Dr. Reiland Rabaka, University of Colorado
“Frantz Fanon’s Discourse on Decolonization: Beyond Phenomenology, Existentialism, and Marxism”

October 14, 2006

4:45-5:45 PM

Panel 4: Applications and Practices: Toward New Afrocentric Principles
Chair: Latoyia Bailey, Ph.D. Candidate, Temple University
Dr. Larese Neferet Hubbard, California State University, Long Beach
“Speaking Power: How Sacred African Texts Influence Africana Women’s Understanding of Their Own Being”

Dr. Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum, California Institute of Integral Studies
“the future has an ancient heart. transformational legacy of african migration paths in Italy, Spain, and France. Case of Italy”

Dr. Thaddeus Mathis, Temple University
“Toward an African Centered Social Policy Curriculum: The Birth of Welfare State in Ancient Kemet”

5:45-6:30 PM
Walk to the African American Museum

6:30 PM- 8:00 PM
African American Museum of Philadelphia
7th and Race Streets, 4 blocks from hotel

Closing Plenary Session: Maat, Diop, and Globalization
Chair: Dr. Lewis Gordon, Laura Carnell Professor, Temple University

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Temple University
“Cheikh Anta Diop: Resisting Westernity and Projecting Humanity”

Dr. Maulana Karenga, California State University, Long Beach
“Maat: The Moral Ideal in Ancient Egypt”

Conference Resolutions


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Jumeaux Masao "Ngondo"

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